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In 2004, the Block Club Federation developed The Teen Leadership Program which offers high school students a place to live, learn, laugh and love. The concept is to develop relationships amongst peers from all over our community. We meet every Tuesday night and on special days for activities. About 40 adolescents gather at Maternity BVM School Hall during the school year. We provide a dinner and service hours at participating schools. The workshops promote and teach communication skills and resume building. Activities consist of community events, youth oriented events, and an Annual Youth Expo.
Special events include soccer tournaments, movies in the park, fun activities,
and discovering our great city.

Why Teen Leadership?
I am sure you have heard this before, children are the future. But it’s TRUE! The Block Club Federation created this program in the fall of 2004 to help teens in our community. One day, these teens will lead this community. We need lawyers, community organizers, doctors, scientists and teachers. You dream it; we want to help you achieve i

YMAD: What We Do
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